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With 45+ years experience, we understand the unique challenges FBOs face and can offer you the straightest path to financing your dreams.

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Up until recently, lending on FBOs was virtually unheard of. This was because of the unique aspects of the industry and the complex nature of its financial reporting.

FBO Advisors has now formed relationships with national lenders to help shed light on the industry and offer tremendous opportunities like never before.

Expand Your Operations

Buy additional FBOs and expand your locations and grow your business!

Unlock Equity

Tap into the value you have today in your winning FBO and operation – now!

Refinance Options

Replace older, higher interest rate notes with new lower rate attractive term loans!

Lending Options

FBO financing and lending is no longer difficult and there’s no longer a need to explain your unique FBO business or our industry.

Our Lenders understand fuel and hangar income, maintenance department revenue, avionics sales, flight schools, charter income, and the values of your charter certificates and aircraft you may have.

Explaining Ground Leases, FBO competition and fuel sales to our Lenders is our speciality!

  • Pre-Approved National Lender

  • Sensible Underwriting Criteria

  • Speedy Approvals and Closings

One source, FBO Advisors to answer all your FBO financing needs.

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    The #1 reason why FBOs

    get denied financing . . .

    Two Words: Accounting Practices

    Even though our lenders understand the FBO industry, they still require an accurate and detailed financial snapshot of your FBO operation, past and present.

    The Solution…

    Expert Financial Analysis

    We have an intimate understanding of all financial aspects related to the FBO industry and how best to prepare your financials for the best lending option for you!

    We also offer a full range of consulting services – all designed to maximize the value of your FBO and the financing available to you!

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    We provide expert valuation of existing or proposed Fixed Based Operations with a detailed analysis of cost and operations and market conditions.

    Operations Analysis

    We can identify areas of improvement where change is necessary to improve cash flow while delivering high levels of service and customer satisfaction.

    Revenue Enhancements

    We offer consulting to assist in the analysis and recasting of operating financials, providing clients with a plan of action of operational adjustments.

    Client Experiences



    Our client came to us, desperate, having his existing loan unexpectedly called due by his bank. FBO Advisors was able to quickly analyze the financials of their FBO, create a loan package for submittal to our lender, and work through the issues of the FBO to successfully achieve a full refinancing at a lower interest rate! Our Client now "sleeps at night" he told us. Thank you FBO Advisors!



    A client contacted us with an urgent need! His FBO competitor had suddenly decided to sell his business and retire due to poor health. If our client could make a reasonable offer a quick below market sale was in the offering. We analyzed our clients financials, recast them to properly reflect the true value of his FBO, and created a loan package which showed the tremendous upside to our client in acquiring his competitor. Not only did our client double his income, he increased the value of his new sole-source FBO by a huge multiple!



    We were contacted by an FBO owner who wished to take out some of the equity in his FBO business that he had worked hard to create over many years, well before his lease term would end. We compiled his financials, organized them for the loan application, and counseled our client as to the best loan request to apply for. Success! Our client was able to put his current un-tapped FBO cash value into his pocket today!



    The investor partner of an FBO felt it was now time to exit the FBO business. The FBO owner didn't want to sell! FBO Advisors were able to create a loan package after assisting the owner with his financials, and with the presentation for submittal to our Lender. The new loan funding was successfully closed and the partner pushing for the sale was bought out with the proceeds from the new financing. The FBO owner continued to generate income and most importantly, is able to take advantage of a potentially future high profit sale of his FBO!

    What are the financial requirements needed?

    Detailed income and expense statements which accurately show the financial results of your FBO operation.

    FBO Advisors specializes in preparing accurate and understandable financial reporting required by our Lenders.

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    How does the pre approval process work?

    We submit your newly constructed income and expense statements, together with a detailed description of your FBO operation, ownership debt history, and credit rating. Our Lenders respond quickly when FBO Advisors present the complete and accurate information needed.

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    How long is does the loan process typically take?

    Depending upon the availability of complete and accurate financial reporting of your FBO, once presented to our Lenders, a preliminary approval to proceed is received quickly.

    This is followed with necessary further required documents, a valuation analysis and market analysis performed by FBO Advisors.  Our process is streamlined and efficient.

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    What's the first step in assessing the lending options available?

    The presentation of your Detailed income and expense statements which accurately show the financial results of your FBO operation.

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    What is the lending range available?

    Depending upon your FBO’s cash flow available to service the loan you are seeking, and other factors such as remaining ground lease term, etc., $2 million to $25 million.

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