Construction for Small, Midsize, and Large FBOs

Building Your Vision

With 45+ years experience, we understand Hangars! What type, how large, specialized features and design, optimal layout and sizing!

FBO Hangar Solutions

Let Our Experience Lead the Way

Maximizing your hangar capacity and operations is crucial to realizing your FBO’s potential over the long term.

In fact, there’s no other aspect that can match the ROI or its ability to generate more income.

We can help to assure your investment in building a quality hangar is success now and into the future.

Increase Hangar Space

Unused space? Maximize your land use and increase your revenue for years to come.

Upgrade Your FBO

Invest in your vision with a modern hangar custom built to exact specifications.

Finance the Construction

Hangar construction loan options are a great option to ensure you have enough capital to build the best option for the future.

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    Tight Margins and Investment Capital

    We can help with both

    Along with our ability to help you reducing risk and increase efficiency, we also work closely with Air Capital Group to help provide you with the best financial option available.  

    Hangar Assessment

    We provide expert assessment to confirm hangar market demand, optimal type and size of Hangar.

    Cost vs Return

    Does the cost of new or renovated Hangars justify the investment? What's your return on investment!?

    Marketing Your New Hangar

    We offer proven actual strategies to maximize hangar pre-leasing and +100% occupancy BEFORE your new Hangar is open!

    Client Experiences



    Our client came to us, desperate, having his existing loan unexpectedly called due by his bank. FBO Advisors was able to quickly analyze the financials of their FBO, create a loan package for submittal to our lender, and work through the issues of the FBO to successfully achieve a full refinancing at a lower interest rate! Our Client now "sleeps at night" he told us. Thank you FBO Advisors!



    A client contacted us with an urgent need! His FBO competitor had suddenly decided to sell his business and retire due to poor health. If our client could make a reasonable offer a quick below market sale was in the offering. We analyzed our clients financials, recast them to properly reflect the true value of his FBO, and created a loan package which showed the tremendous upside to our client in acquiring his competitor. Not only did our client double his income, he increased the value of his new sole-source FBO by a huge multiple!



    We were contacted by an FBO owner who wished to take out some of the equity in his FBO business that he had worked hard to create over many years, well before his lease term would end. We compiled his financials, organized them for the loan application, and counseled our client as to the best loan request to apply for. Success! Our client was able to put his current un-tapped FBO cash value into his pocket today!



    The investor partner of an FBO felt it was now time to exit the FBO business. The FBO owner didn't want to sell! FBO Advisors were able to create a loan package after assisting the owner with his financials, and with the presentation for submittal to our Lender. The new loan funding was successfully closed and the partner pushing for the sale was bought out with the proceeds from the new financing. The FBO owner continued to generate income and most importantly, is able to take advantage of a potentially future high profit sale of his FBO!

    What do I do first? How do I reach you?

    It’s simple! Just contact us, using the contact form on this page, or if you would like to hear from us immediately simply call us at 303.221.8000 and we will answer all of your questions about the process.

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    How does this process work?

    You give us basic information about your FBO such as your current activity level, approximate number of base customers and their hangar requirements such as type of aircraft, frequency of movement and fuel purchases.

    It will also be helpful to understand the physical size of your current hangar(s), the occupancy level by your based and transient customers, and the demand for hangar space at your airport and adjacent airports.

    Contact Us for More Details:

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    Can you help me determine if I have adequate leased ground area available for appropriate new hangar(s)?

    We will help you determine if you have adequate leased ground area available for appropriate new hangar(s) development, if you’re ground lease rate rent structure is favorable for your desired new hangar project, and assist you in presenting your new Hangar plan to the appropriate city or airport authorities for approval.

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    What about my ground lease and ground lease issues? What things do I need to get Airport approval?

    Detailed income and expense statements which accurately show the financial results of your FBO operation.

    FBO Advisors specializes in preparing accurate and understandable financial reporting required by our Lenders.

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    303 221.8000

    Can you help me obtain new financing for the Hangars I'd like to build?

    Absolutely, yes! FBO Advisors has a dedicated FBO Financing Division which can quickly determine your FBO’s qualifications for financing, not only of new hangars, but possibly for your entire FBO business.

    Contact Us for More Details:

    303 221.8000